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Proceedings of Symposium "Advanced Facade Engineering and Technology 2006"
169KB Part 1.Title & Content Page
910KB Part 2.Andy Lee "State-of-the-art in Facade Engineering"

Part 3.Andrew K.W. So "Concept of nonlinear analysis and design of glass panels"


Part 4.C.W. Li "Wind Directionality Effects on Design Wind Pressure of Hong Kong Buildings"

2,390KB Part 5.Johnny Choi "Design and implementation of Curtain Wall System"
4,695KB Part 6. Johnny T. S. Yu "Wind Effects on Pedestrians"
329KB Part 7. K F Chung "Mechanics for plate buckling in thin-walled metal structures"
714KB Part 8. J. Y. H. Yu "Practice and testing of stone cladding in Hong Kong"
333KB Part 9. Ben Young "Local buckling & shift of effective centroid of slender sections"
532KB Part 10. C K Cheung "Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass"
956KB Part 11. S.L. Chan "Basic structural design considerations and properties of
glass and aluminum structures"
4,665KB Part 12.Advertisement
117KB Part 13. Cover
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