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HKISC Useful Documents

Lecture Notes of One-Day New and Refreshing Online Workshop on Modern Design Method of Second-order Direct Analysis for Steel Structures - Recent Advances on 26 Nov 2020

Guide on design of post-installed anchor bolt systems in Hong Kong

Guide for second-order direct analysis to code requirements

Product Conformity Certification Scheme for
Falling Rock Barrier Systems PCCS – FRBS

Recent advances in design of the long-span single-layer roof without effective length

Technical Requirements for Heat Soaked Tempered Glass and Heat Soak Process (Amendment for PNAP APP 37:2012)

Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Passive Fire Protection Products (Issue 3 - November 2017)

Practice Note 1 - Requirements of Fire Resistance and/or Smoke Control Performance

Newsletter of JWCFSG Article No.1-Q1-2016

Comparison of BS and BSEN for steel materials (abridged version/Jan to Dec 2017)

Quality Assurance of High Strengrth Steel (8.05.2005) (abridged version)

Structural Use of Aluminium Alloy (abridged version)

Use of Structural Stainless Steel (abridged version)

Painting Specifications for Corrosion Protection of Structural Steel
(abridged version)

HKISC Bulletins



Bulletin No. 4


  First bulletin of YMG
International Conference Papers

Proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures
(ISBN 978-7-5641-3400-6)

Preface (0.2Mb) Part 1 (16.1Mb) Part 2,3 (23.5Mb) Part 4 (27.7Mb) Part 5 (26.2Mb) Part 6,7 (27.6Mb) Part 8 (17.2Mb) Part 9 (27.1Mb) Part 10,11 (29Mb) Part 12 (22.6Mb) Part 13,14 (40.7Mb) Index (0.1Mb)

Invitation for Journal Paper Submission and Subscription
Advances in Structural Engineering
- An International Journal
International Journal of Applied Mechanics
and Engineering
Non-Linear Static and Cycle Analysis of
Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Connections

For paper submission, please send to Professor S.L. Chan.

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