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HKISC Bulletins



Bulletin No. 4


International Conference Papers

Proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures
(ISBN 978-7-5641-3400-6)

Preface (0.2Mb) Part 1 (16.1Mb) Part 2,3 (23.5Mb) Part 4 (27.7Mb) Part 5 (26.2Mb) Part 6,7 (27.6Mb) Part 8 (17.2Mb) Part 9 (27.1Mb) Part 10,11 (29Mb) Part 12 (22.6Mb) Part 13,14 (40.7Mb) Index (0.1Mb)

Invitation for Journal Paper Submission and Subscription
Advances in Structural Engineering
- An International Journal
International Journal of Applied Mechanics
and Engineering
Non-Linear Static and Cycle Analysis of
Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Connections

For paper submission, please send to Professor S.L. Chan.

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